Stealth EV Featured In PRI

Kirk Miller’s long journey to recently joining Hypercraft began decades ago. His love of motorsports started on ice-racing tracks in New York state and at the drag strip and motocross track of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Miller opened his own race-prep and performance shop when he was just 22 years old. After moving from […]

Stealth EV Joins Forces With Hypercraft

Addition of Stealth EV expands Hypercraft’s reach in the EV parts, manufacturing, and retail markets. Provo, UT – July 8, 2022 – Today, Hypercraft Inc. announced their Asset Purchase of StealthEV — a fully-integrated EV solutions company specializing in performance EV, hybrid design, engineering, manufacturing, and EV parts sales. The Oceanside, CA company owns and distributes […]

This 1949 Mercury is an EV with Tesla batteries

Mercury Coupe

Sorry Honda. Not 24 hours after we declared the Rugged Open Air Concept the winner of SEMA 2018, it’s been demoted to second place by this – a 1949 Mercury Coupe ‘Derelict’ built by the highly-skilled men and women at California’s ICON 4×4. Derelicts are basically resto-mods. Their exteriors and interiors are left looking as original as […]

ICON’s 1966 Fiat Giardinetta Derelict Is Electric

1966 Fiat

Mamma mia, this thing is sweet! This 1966 Fiat Giardinetta is likely to be the coolest car you’ll see all day. Maybe all week. Basically a Fiat Cinquecento (500) stretched to station wagon proportions, this particular Giardinetta has been electrified by our friends over at Stealth EV. Meanwhile, every other detail has been gone through and been upgraded or replaced by […]

An Electric Conversion Made This Fiat 500 a Daily-Drivable Classic

EV Fiat 500

Icon’s Jonathan Ward estimates this 500 Giardiniera has three times more horsepower than stock. What happens when the little two-cylinder in your Fiat 500 just doesn’t cut it anymore? Go electric. Jonathan Ward’s Icon 4×4 and Stealth EV fit this Fiat 500 Giardiniera with six Tesla batteries and an electric motor, transforming it from a […]

Icon’s 1966 Fiat Giardinetta is a quaint electric city car

1966 Fiat

If city cars are the ideal candidates for electric powertrains, then the compact Fiat 500 is near perfect for the green technology. Fiat currently offers a brand-new 500e, but for those who like an old-school vibe, Icon 4×4 has just the number. In collaboration with Stealth EV, Jonathan Ward and his team converted a gorgeous 1966 Fiat 500 Giardinetta to full battery electric. […]