Stealth EV Joins Forces With Hypercraft

Addition of Stealth EV expands Hypercraft’s reach in the EV parts, manufacturing, and retail markets.

Provo, UT – July 8, 2022 – Today, Hypercraft Inc. announced their Asset Purchase of StealthEV — a fully-integrated EV solutions company specializing in performance EV, hybrid design, engineering, manufacturing, and EV parts sales. The Oceanside, CA company owns and distributes the Stealth Drive electric motor — a unique, high performance, high output electric motor designed in-house with continuous and peak power output levels that are unmatched by current EV motor options. As part of the acquisition, Stealth EV founder and CEO Matt Hauber, joins Hypercraft along with his team. Both companies will continue their current operations and activities in California and Utah respectively.

“Joining forces with Hypercraft is a huge deal and something that we at Stealth EV are incredibly excited about,” says Hauber. “We’ve already started bringing together all of the great experience, relationships, and know-how that we both have, and look forward to expanding our combined offerings to more customers and builders across even more industries and segments.”

Stealth EV designs and builds their proprietary Stealth Drive EV motor. The lightweight and powerful motor operates at a significantly higher continuous torque-rating, compared to motors of the same weight and power consumption. It also features an enhanced cooling system, allowing it to run cooler than other EV motors, and is available with an output shaft compatible with all Chevrolet LS motor equipment. In addition to offering the Stealth Drive motor in more of their complete EV drive system packages, Hypercraft plans to scale production of the motor to continue offering it as a single component through Stealth EV’s existing sales channels.

“Matt’s an EV genius with tons of hands-on experience in design, fabrication, electrical engineering, and a million other things that make him a great partner for us,” said Hypercraft CEO, Jake Hawksworth. “Working together with Stealth EV is going to help us accelerate all aspects of our business in a really meaningful way.“

About Stealth EV

Stealth EV has been designing and building high-quality electric vehicle conversions in California since 2015 — including lending their EV expertise to private label electric builds. Notable electric conversions include a 1949 Mercury Coupe featured at SEMA Show and a 1966 Fiat Giardinetta — both builds completed for notable restomod company,  ICON.

About Hypercraft

Hypercraft, Inc. builds and sells complete electric drive systems to a variety of B2C and B2B buyers, including customers in the on-road, off-road recreation, racing, resto-mod, fleet, and marine industries. Their systems — built with all-new parts — including motors, battery management (BMS), high voltage junction box, high and low voltage wiring, CAN bus connectivity, software, display, and throttle. Batteries are also included in the package price, and Hypercraft designs and builds their HyperPack batteries in capacities ranging from 20kWh to 120 kWh.