66 VolksWagen bug EV conversion

Buckle up for a remarkable ride from Davisville! Our mission: transform a ’66 VW Bug into a cutting-edge electric sensation. With the engine silenced and brakes upgraded, we’re driving nostalgia into the future. Witness the electrifying evolution as we fuse classic charm with eco-conscious innovation. Stay plugged in for the electrifying updates as we turn vintage into vanguard.

May 2023 - How it started

We found a 66′ Volkswagen bug and decided to work on making it into an EV conversion. Stay tuned for more updates!

July 2023 - Where we're at now

We dropped the engine, swapped the breaks, and are turning this VW Bug into the electric vehicle we hoped it would be.

June 2023 - quick little update

Our team says, hello! Click the button below to learn more about our conversion, team, and how it’s all coming along. Stay tuned.